Filmed in Doncaster, there will always be a place for this show

Open all Hours - David Jason
Open all Hours - David Jason

Still Open All Hours is a reincarnation of "Fools and Horses" and "Last of the Summer Wine" and it's FUNNY.

There's no foul language, no violence, just an innocent "daftness" which is enjoyed by millions.  OK you may not find it funny if you're 20, but many of us are slightly older.

There is a massive audience out there for just silly, gentle humour. There will always be a place for TV shows of this type... by definition, it's "light entertainment."

Finally, I especially liked Darren Burke's comment "It really seems to struggle to find a place alongside the cutting edge of today's television schedules."

I assume by that he means D list "celebrities" eating kangaroo's testicles.  Cutting edge indeed, eh?

Darren,  why don't you f- f- f- f-focus on the real TV dross?

Brian Newbold

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