Financial woes hit home as housebuilding slumps in South Yorkshire

pictured is the former Brick Works site on Station Road,Deepcar
pictured is the former Brick Works site on Station Road,Deepcar

HOUSEBUILDING in South Yorkshire has fallen dramatically - with just over a quarter as many new homes completed last year as five years ago before the economic crisis began.

Figures obtained by The Star under the Your Right to Know campaign show that whilst 1,495 properties were built in Sheffield in 2006/7, there were just 425 in 2011/12.

However, efforts are being made to tackle a shortage of social housing with construction of housing association properties up from 40 in 2006/7 to 262 in 2011/12.

Sheffield Council, which last year had the second highest number of homeless families of any UK city, is planning to build 2,300 homes on derelict land.

There are now around 150 homeless families, down from more than 300. But lack of progress on private developments is causing problems.

One of the largest schemes on hold is Bloor Homes’ project to build 400 houses at the old brickworks in Deepcar, granted permission in 2010.

Coun Jack Clarkson, of Stocksbridge Town Council, said: “Lack of progress is down to the economic situation. Housebuilding could create jobs, helping the economy.”

Adrian Little, of Mark Jenkinson property auctioneers, said: “Lack of new development is down to insufficient finance in current market conditions.”

A report by the Land Registry said house prices in Sheffield had fallen despite the lack of new homes and were now below previous lowest values of 2008.