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Clive Clarke
Clive Clarke

Clive Clarke is deputy chief executive of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust. Born in Sheffield, he trained as a nurse then became a social worker, before specialising in mental health and moving into management. Clive was named as a BME (black and minority ethic) trail blazer by the NHS employers’ organisation. Aged 49, he lives in Meersbrook with his wife Melva and son Nathanael, eight.

Seventh Day Adventist Church, Carterknowle#

I’ve been a member of the church all my life. It’s a place where I know everyone and feel supported. Members have supported me through my life and they’re very proud of what I’ve achieved in my working life, especially when I became deputy chief executive at SHSC as it was a big achievement for a member of our community. My mum left Jamaica for a better life. She always said the reason was so that we would have opportunities to reach the next level in our careers. I’m one of four siblings and there was always a sense of wanting to achieve more from an early age.

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust

I’m very proud to be a member of the Fulwood-based trust because its values and principles align with my own. The trust provides services for carers and for people with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, older adults, specialist and primary care services and we put the needs of the people who use our services at the heart of everything we do. It is true there are times when tough decisions have to be made, but we regularly seek feedback, and the opinions of those who use the services are paramount.

Virgin Active, Heeley:

I’ve been a member of Virgin Active for 10 years. Being physically active is a way of switching off from the pressures of work and re-energising. I go four or five times a week, where I do free-weights. I also go to the body pump classes which combine weights to music as it’s a good way to raise the heartbeat. It’s recognised that exercise helps to raise your mood and I know it helps to keep me upbeat and positive.

Costa Coffee, Division Street:

I’m very much a ‘people person’ and Costa Coffee is one my favourite places to relax. I sometimes go with my son Nathanael, and we’ll chat about things that matter to eight–year-old boys such as how we’ll build his Ironman suit.

Caribbean Avenue, Chesterfield Road:

I enjoy eating out with family and friends. Not far from my home in Meersbrook, is Caribbean Avenue which is currently my favourite restaurant. They cook the type of food I grew up with and really enjoy. My current favourite is ackee and salt fish with yam and bananas. I often pick up a takeaway after the gym.


Sheffield and District Afro-Caribbean Community Association Care Centre provides care in the community for elderly and disabled people, supporting African/Caribbean elders and reducing loneliness and isolation. You hear fascinating stories about people’s lives and experiences. Sheffield African Caribbean Mental Health Association is a community organisation I voluntarily contribute to. It provides excellent mental health services.


I’ve always been a people person – and my family, friends and colleagues are very important to me. SHSC is a team effort and I’ve had great support at all levels.