Firefighters’ plea over parked cars

Firefighters have called on Sheffield motorists to think twice about where they park their car – after an engine was unable to get down a street in Carterknowle this week.

The warning was issued after crews were called to a blaze and had to park 50 metres away because vehicles had were parked on both sides of the road and on the corner, making it impossible for engines to get round.

Crews were alerted to the blaze on Buttermere Road at 4.40am on Tuesday and found worried neighbours gathered outside the property.

They then spotted the occupant of the house, a man in his 50s, hanging out of the attic window.

Watch manager Jim Moll said that ‘time was of the essence’, but firefighters were forced to park at the bottom of the street and carry a ladder and hoses to the scene of the blaze.