First bus fares to go up on Sunday

Fares on First buses in Sheffield go up on Sunday - while Supertram operator Stagecoach says tram fares are being frozen because of the disruption of the track replacement programme.

Many single First tickets will cost 10p or 20p more, the day saver will cost an extra 20p and the weekly saver an extra 50p.

Prices for a student week ticket, all South Yorkshire-wide network fares, monthly and annual tickets and the £1 ‘short hop fare’ are being frozen.

The review by Sheffield’s biggest bus operator sees the introduction of a £2 day ticket and a £5 week ticket for children.

First says the price rises are needed to meet the “ongoing challenge of rising costs to business”.

They come at a time when the Sheffield Bus Partnership - the alliance of operators, councils and the transport authority - says major improvements are being made in reliability, punctuality and standard of local bus services.

But Liberal Democrats say the rises are unnecessary and should be seen “in the context of average profit margins for bus operators in South Yorkshire which are double those in London”.

Stagecoach Supertram is freezing tram fares “to reflect the next phase of rail replacement works”, which are starting in the Hillsborough and Malin Bridge area.

Stagecoach has launched a 25% discount on its 13-week tram ‘megarider’ ticket, from £131 to £95, and is reducing the price of its tram-only child weekly ‘megarider’.