The fishy tale of Kell Brook and Carl Fogarty

Kell Brook trades his boxing gloves for a fishing rod on Thursday night.

Tuesday, 28th March 2017, 4:05 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 9:30 pm
Kell Brook and Carl Fogarty

Sheffield’s world champion boxer will take on Carl Fogarty, the most successful World Superbike racer of all time, in ITV 4’s “Big Fish Off” show on Thursday, at 8pm.

The pair tackle each other in Skegness in both course fishing and sea angling.

Kell Brook's fishing colleagues

The programme makers says the competition “goes right to the wire” but hint the IBF welterweight champion was particularly calm under pressure.

They say it was “uber competitive, high octane fishing.”

Brook went on the Sheffield United pitch yesterday evening, at Bramall Lane, to salute the fans before the game with Millwall.

The boxer Blade will defend his title against Errol Spence Jr at the same venue on May 27.

Kell Brook's fishing colleagues

Meanwhile, Spence’s trainer - who lost a war of words with Dom Ingle, his opposite number at a press conference at the Lane last week, has made some bizarre comments about the Ecclesall fighter.

Derrick James was quoted as saying: “I know that he’s a multi-millionaire. So what that means is that he can hire every dietitian, get all the right meals. He’s not a poor fighter.

“With a poor guy we might say ‘oh man, you might not make the weight.’ He’s a multi-millionaire so he can hire the best nutritionists to get him everything he needs and I’m sure that’s what he’s doing because he mentioned someone,” James told

“So [Brook is] okay, he’s not a big guy. You saw them stand up next to each other. He’s a fat guy that likes to eat - that’s the difference. Errol Spence is just as big as he is and Errol Spence is taller than he is.

“That’s the reality. [Brook] likes to eat, so maybe he has a lack of discipline when it comes to eating but he trains hard and he looks great in fights.”

“[Brook] says that he likes to go down to the refrigerator in the middle of the night.... that’s what he said, I’m using his words - so that’s where the issues lie.

“It’s not so much about him starving to make weight, just stop eating.

“He’s multi-millionaire, he can get the right nutritionists and eat whatever they tell him to eat, but he just chooses not to.”