Food for thought in Sheffield

Emily Williamson
Emily Williamson

Emily Williamson is business development manager for the Hotel du Vin in York and was recently named Young Businesswoman of the Year. Born in Sheffield, she now lives in the Hope Valley, with her two young daughters.

Are you a cook?

Cooking is certainly not my forte, however, with a family to feed I do sometimes have to attempt it.

Any cooking tips?

If you want to cook something in particular but don’t have the right ingredients, Google how to do it without them. It’s amazing! My little girls now don’t believe that you need eggs to make a chocolate cake!

What’s your favourite dish?

The one dish that I’ve loved since holidaying in France as a little girl is the classic moules frites. Can there be anything nicer than mussels steamed in white wine and finished with butter and parsley?

And a drink to go with it?

A glass of bubbly matches every dish perfectly to my mind.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

For dinner, both with and without the girls, we all love Mamas and Leonie’s. I don’t think any of us has finished a full meal in one sitting due to the generosity of the portions, but the girls love the fact they can have more pizza the next day at home!

And pub?

The West End in Broomhill. It always has a great atmosphere and is a real mix of people. The price is pitched perfectly and they provide a lot more than they promise.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

While living and working with abandoned children in Africa I had to eat pap every day with every meal. Even a year’s practice didn’t improve the taste. Mieliepap is served with everything but my worst meal would have to be on the days it was served alone!

And the best?

Our wedding breakfast at the Rising Sun in Bamford: a meal we shared with all the people we loved most. It doesn’t get more special than that, does it?

Your favourite TV cook?

I don’t watch cooks on TV very often, but I was amazed at Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Saves Our Bacon.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

I love it. No matter what your taste, the time of day, or your budget, whether you have the children with you or not, Sheffield has all bases covered.