Food Review: All Siam, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

All-Siam Thai Restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield'''PICTURE: SARAH WASHBOURN
All-Siam Thai Restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield'''PICTURE: SARAH WASHBOURN

Let’s start at the end and work backwards. Not usual I know but when it comes to Thai food - or Chinese and curries for that matter - you can tell a lot by the pudding.

Our dessert at All Siam was delectable. Beautifully presented - a whole, deep friend banana in batter drizzled with sweet sauce and served with cream.

All Siam

All Siam

It melted in the mouth perfectly. It took a while for us to work out what the main ingredient of the second dessert was - it turned out to sweet potato pudding and was just as good.

If truth be told we were too full for afters but the waitress persuaded us since they were included in the set menu price. I rarely go for set menus but the list of dishes at All Siam is so long it is pretty baffling if you aren’t a Thai expert.

My problem with set dishes is there is always one you aren’t bothered about and always something else you fancy trying.

I was particularly keen on a scallops and asparagus dish. Yet there were only two of us and it was on a menu for a minimum of four.

Without any fuss the waiter said we could swap it - there was a £5 extra charge - but since it was replacing a mixed veg dish I had no complaints with that.

It meant we ended up with the scallops, cooked to perfection and really tasty, alongside a coconut and chilli duck dish as well as fish and vegeables served on a bed of white noodles. Individually they were great and together, fantastic. We tried Thai fragrant rice and coconut rice. The coconut was definitely the best

The starters were immaculately presented little parcels of everything from prawn and chicken to pork and veg.

Pearls of All Siam indeed. As we’d ordered our food and while we waited for it to arrive, we were given a complimentary, tiny but tasty, samosa each.

Presentation is so important and even the smallest detail is taken care of at All Siam. The food tastes as beautiful as it looks and the service is good - no fear of your glass not being topped up here even if you are only drinking water.

So, in the correct order, our dinner started well and finished well, with lots of scrumptious in-between.