For the record, singers put local carols on a CD

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A GROUP of singers and musicians have captured the spirit of the tradition of the South Yorkshire carols on CD.

Calling themselves Humble Swain, they have produced The Mistletoe Bough, with proceeds going to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, St Luke’s Hospice and the MS Society.

The project has taken several years to come to fruition and takes its cue primarily from singing at the Blue Ball in Worrall and the Royal Hotel in Dungworth.

The tradition of the local carols is especially strong in the north of Sheffield, with words and tunes kept alive by local people with the support of folklore academics.

“There are some people who regard this as part of their Christian faith, but for the majority it is done purely for the enjoyment of singing,” said one of the singers, John Fowler. “Many people from Sheffield and abroad find a ‘good sing’ an essential part of their Christmas.”

The CD is an attempt to capture the ambience found in the pubs and was recorded in the studio of fiddle player Robin Garside. Also on the recording are Mick Linaker, Gordon Hoyland, Nick Farrelly, Alec Thompson, Grahame Sargeant and Julia Bishop. The cover picture is by local artist Janet Thornton.

Copies at £10 are available from the Blue Ball at Worrall, the Old Horns at High Bradfield, and by contacting John Fowler on 2331467 or