Fraudulent loan companies targeting Sheffield students

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A NUMBER of Sheffield Hallam students have been duped by a phishing scam, the Students Loan Company has warned.

Fraudulent emails, asking students for their personal and banks details, have been circulated and the SLC has has made an appeal to students to be vigilant, syaing they would never request personal details by email.

It said emails are common at this time of the year because fraudsters know students are about to receive their final loan instalments.

The numbers of students who have given their details nationally has more than tripled over the last year, the SLC warned.

SLC’s security manager Robert Hurt said: “We are aware that some students are being affected by these scam emails and we want to ensure that they do not respond to these.

“We monitor this issue very closely and aim to close phishing sites down as soon as students alert us to them, to protect other students.

“Students need to work with us to ensure their identity and financial details are protected and not compromised.

“We are working with Sheffield Hallam university to investigate an incident of 50 students being affected and the police have been informed,” the SLC said.