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Paper Finch Theatre's Beauty and the Beast
Paper Finch Theatre's Beauty and the Beast

New children’s theatre company Paper Finch are up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with two shows - Beauty and the Beast and The Steadfast Tin Soldier,

With innovative adaptations of fairytales for children and adults alike Paper Finch Theatre comprising current students and recent graduates of Sheffield University endeavour to create theatre that combines whimsical madcappery with an emotional core.

Their blend of theatre, storytelling, music, puppetry and shadow is devised and scripted by a multi-talented throng of actors, designers, directors, musicians and writers.

Earlier this year, Paper Finch produced a double-bill of fairytales (Hans Christian Andersen’s The Steadfast Tin Soldier and Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel) in collaboration with Sheffield University Theatre Company. Now Steadfast returns with a new script, cast, and creative team, along with a whole new production – Beauty and the Beast – which they first performed in the Lantern Theatre in late July before a 26-day, 52-performance run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with C Venues.

Artistic Director Lottie Rugg-Easey heads a team of 20 including performers Richard Agar, Kelly Harlock, Andy Elkington, Fiona Primrose, Rosie Cumberlidge, Thalia Caddy, James Travers, Grace Darbyshire, and Joe Bunce. Beauty and the Beast and The Steadfast Tin Soldier is at C 4 Kids until August 26.

Sleepy Wells Productions describe themselves on their website as “Just another Sheffield based theatre company”.

They are at Edinburgh with PussyFooting which follows five friends as their feet take over and lead them into a topsy-turvy world. It’s a dark comedy which sets out to uncover who is really in control of our inner most desires, and explores a universe through which the characters travel, quite literally, feet first.

Helen Monks, award winning writer, collaborates with innovative (and soon to be RADA and Birkbeck-trained) director Doug Dunn to create a piece of naturalistic and physical theatre. Pussyfooting is at at C aquila studio until August 26.

Sheffield comedy troupe The Antics return to the fringe for a third time with their most interactive show to date, A Pile of Wit.

Acting on advice from Andrew Loretto, former creative producer of Sheffield Theatres, The Antics base their show on a random story from the audience which they then riff on to creates more than 50 characters in a 50 minute show of crafted chaos.

The Antics, graduates of Sheffield Hallam, have enjoyed their most successful year so far with a fourth year of a monthly residency at the Students Union in Sheffield, various shows at the Lantern Theatre and participating at the international student drama festival at the Crucible.

A Pile of Wit is at C aquila, Roman Eagle Lodge, until Saturday.

After success at the Camden Fringe 2012 with a show called Northern Droll, university-based comedy group the Sheffield Revue are performing another sketch show, The Good, the Bad and the Morally Ambiguous. It’s at Chiquito until August 24.

Bathtime with Tom’s Dad is the name of the sketch show being performed by Staple/face whose publicity material describes them as a trio of polite and wholesome young men - Mike Bentley, Tom Burgess and Sam Nicoresti. “A bubbly treasure chest full of energy, quirkiness and warped nostalgia,” it continues, adding that will unfortunately not be appearing in the show due to creative differences, but sends his best.

They are at The Voodoo Rooms until August 25.