From LA to Attercliffe in jazz cafeÂ

Love brought me here. That's the honest answer to the question which everyone must ask when they meet Aaron Casserly-Stewart.

Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 7:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 7:53 am

Why would this Grammy winning musician, discovered by Janet Jackson no less, have left the glitz of Los Angeles to open a business in Attercliffe?

He fell in love with his partner who is from Penistone, they married and here he is, breathing new and exciting life into an extraordinary Sheffield building.

It is quite a long cry from his touring days as part of band The Sounds of Blackness.

The names of those he has played with is an impressive list including Prince and Stevie Wonder.

Now he's joined forces with business partners to bring jazz and soul to diners in Attercliffe.

Aaron will happily tell you the story when you visit The Old Library and, indeed, the whole feel of the place is as you would expect once you understand.

Standards are high but the atmosphere is laid-back and chilled. It just feels right.

There are few places which manage to pull off the combination of music and food, both to a high level.

They do that here and you instantly want to spread the word, to bring friends, to take time out together to just enjoy.

We picked from the tapas menu, with the very reasonably priced three dishes for £9.

But while we were deciding we tucked into a platter of olives, garlic bread and dipping sauce.

With smiles on our faces, we knew the standard was set and it was high.

The coconut chicken curry proved the most popular. It was a very generous helping for tapas and the mix of flavours was well balanced.

The patatas bravas was smothered in a tasty tomato sauce which had a touch more chilli than anticipated but still maintained a good balance.

There are several veggie options.

A medley of green beans, broccoli and Parmesan was our favourite. The seasoning was spot on and the flavours flowed.

The spicy chicken wings were delicious as was the calamari, and the chorizo in red wine was perfectly cooked.

The only disappointing dish was the spicy prawns.

The serving was generous but the prawns were small and a little too tough.

The children's menu is simple but still good quality.

The chorizo pizza in particular went down well with our youngest, although he did pick off the onions and peppers .... the best bits of any pizza in my opinion.

The sausage and beans come with curly fries, so as you would expect were greeted with delight.

Aaron told us that they're about to introduce an offer where children under 12 eat free with an adult.

It is a common move for pubs where quality isn't the priority but in The Library reflects a welcoming attitude to families that adds to the atmosphere.

Jazz and soul should be for all ages after all, shouldn't they?

There are plenty of grown-up treats including a spectacular list of gins and good collection of cocktails.

Jazz on The Cliffe is an experience for all senses.

You'll get details of upcoming acts on their website or social media.

There is a wide range and it is definitely worth booking your spot.

The Library neighbours the Olympic Legacy Park. Two very different signals that a small fire is growing in the belly of Attercliffe.

This is the neighbourhood where the smart investment is happening and the opportunities are only just becoming obvious.

We all know the story of Kelham Island and the independent businesses who led a neighbourhood renaissance.

You can't help but want The Library to be the start of something similar and it isn't that hard to imagine.

This is a very special project, full of passion and already getting people talking.

Pay it a visit, sip a speciality gin and nibble tapas while losing yourself to the rhythm.

This is somewhere that will grow in your heart after each visit, taking Attercliffe with it.

They're missing a trick by not offering pudding but the venue has only been opened a few weeks so I suspect that won't be an issue for long.

The customer service is second to none.

This small team really want to know your feedback and are keen to hear ideas.

Welcome is only the beginning of a musical adventure which can start at 10am and runs right through the day.

Our bill came to £55 for two adults and two children, including two nonalcoholic Shirley Temples and two delicious gin and tonics garnished to perfection.

Ease yourself into one of the sofas and contemplate the changing sounds of what was once and could again become the beat of Sheffield's pure, gritty steel heart. 


The Library,  10 Leeds Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield, S9 3TY

Tel: 01142 5538994 or email to book a table.