Fundraising for charity who helped Sheffield dog get new lease of life with canine wheelchairÂ

A family from Sheffield are fundraising to help give dogs who have lost a limb another lease of life, after their own canine was given a second chance with a new set of wheels.Â

Monday, 10th December 2018, 3:49 pm
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 3:55 pm
Sarah and Brock

Sarah Adshead, age 41, of High Green, is fundraising for Hope's Chest - a charity that provide canine friendly wheelchairs for dogs '“ who ensured her own '˜tripaw' Staffordshire bull terrier cross Brock will walk again for Christmas, 

Sarah, who owns a florists, fostered Brock six years ago, after he was found as a stray in Barnsley having been run over.

Sarah hopes the new cart will allow them to take both Billy and Brock out on walks together

She said: 'He had to have his leg amputated and really wasn't very well. He wouldn't eat and was sick all the time. Kennels were no place for his recovery.

'I worried about him going up the stairs, but when he got home he was running about with our other dog Billy nothing phased him.

'He was still unwell so I took him to see my friend Alan Beaty from Beech House Veterinary Clinic. We'd not even had him 12 hours, and it turns out he'd got an infection where he'd had his leg removed. He was there for three days.'

Everything was great for eight-year-old Brock, until February last year, when he had an accident getting into

Brock lost his front leg after being run over

'I pressed the button for the boot of my car and he jumped up, I'm not sure why as it wasn't open but he fell back on the pavement. 

'He seemed fine so I put him in the car but getting him out of the car he couldn't walk and I just sobbed. As a result he broke his back leg, I knew the odds were against us. There was nothing else I could do, I knew he needed quality of life.'

On recommendation, Brock was sent to East Midlands referrals under Vet Graham Oliver.

Once there, Graham operated on Brock's leg, placing a plate with five pins in in hopes of helping him walk again. 

Brock underwent hydrotherapy

Sarah added: 'The vet said for his recovery he would need absolute crate rest, as dogs put 65% of their body weight on their front. However, he has to use he back legs to get about and he couldn't put weight on it. 

'After a couple of weeks he could hobble about, but he never cried.'

Brock underwent seven months of crate rest, to make sure his bone could fuse around the plate, and completed a course of hydrotherapy before being discharged.

'They told us he also needed to lose weight, so we got him from 16.16kg to 13.9kg,' Sarah added. 'We've done everything possible to give him the best quality of life.'

Unfortunately, even though Brock can now move about freely, he cannot walk long distances with Billy, and is starting to feel the strain on his remaining front leg. 

Sarah said: 'All I've done is cry, I just want the best for him. It's not an option to take seaside as Brock can't walk from the car to the seaside and back again. We can't go out together. He can just about manage a 15 minute walk.

'A fellow '˜tripod' owner contacted me, she suggested I get in touch with Liz Hennel from Hope Chest, a small charity that provide funds for carts for dogs. 

'After Liz experienced a similar situation to mind she order she ordered a cart from Eddies Wheels in Boston USA and saw her dog go from struggling with walking to living life at high speed.

'When she saw how much the cart gave her dog it's life back she started a charity to help other families purchase these carts.'

Each cart can cost over $600 with shipping costs and import tax, meaning that for some families it can seem unachievable.

However, Liz told Sarah that was Brock was a suitable candidate, and after being measured for his new wheels, he should have his new cart in time for Christmas.

Sarah said: 'At the beginning of the year that Brock would be more mobile than he's ever been by Christmas I simply wouldn't have believed them we are so excited about the cart and the changes it will bring to Brock's life.'

Sarah and Brock are now fundraising for Hope's Chest to repay the generosity they received, and help other dogs in a similar situation, and so far have raised over £450 thanks to the help of others.