Furry faced Sheffield police puppies join the force

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SOUTH Yorkshire Police has welcomed eight new recruits - and what a bunch of cuties they are.

The new arrivals come courtesy of serving police dog Ceri, a two-and-a-half year old German Shepherd, who delivered a litter six dogs and two bitches into the long arms of the law.

And there’s a double reason for South Yorkshire Police’s Dog training School to celebrate - it has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers, making it one of only six in the country.

Harry Morton, who manages the school said Ceri’s pups were ‘all absolutely brilliant’.

He added: “We’ll keep them for around another five weeks and then they’ll go to vetted volunteers for the first year.

“During the three years that we’ve run the breeding scheme we’ve supplied dogs all over the country. There’s a shortage of good quality German Shepherd police dogs, so I’d expect us to place all eight pups.”

Harry said the dogs were a vital crime-fighting weapon.

He said: “Take clothes screening as an example.

“If you had a suspect for an assault and knew roughly what they were wearing at the time - usually around ten items - it would cost between £350 and £500 per item to have it forensically tested.

“But if you let a trained dog examine the items first, you could reduce the numbers sent off to the lab, meaning that work that might have cost thousands could cost hundreds instead.”

n Volunteers are needed for the Puppy Breeding Scheme. Contact the school on 0114 296 4941.