Groom turns up for wedding in a tractor

Chris and Marisa Mills with their wedding party and their unusual transport at the Botanical Gardens
Chris and Marisa Mills with their wedding party and their unusual transport at the Botanical Gardens

HERE’S a great way to a-tractor bride - turn up for your wedding in this splendid farming vehicle.

A vintage Rolls or a classic carriage wasn’t for Chris Mills.

The 30-year-old, from Stannington, has been in a tizz about tractors every since he was a kid - and even potters around on one when he isn’t busy with his day job as a contract manager.

So he was determined to arrive for his marriage to 28-year-old Marisa Mosley at Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens in his favourite mode of transport, a gleaming John Deere, complete with decorative ribbons.

He was even able to drive the tractor into the gardens right up to the glass houses where the ceremony took place.

Chris said: “It certainly took some cleaning but it was definitely worth it to see heads turn on the drive down and everyone’s reaction when we arrived.”

Best man Adam Langham said both bride and groom came from families with farming backgrounds - with Marisa coming from a dairy background.

“I think the first word Adam said a baby was ‘tractor’ - he’s mad on them,” he said.

“He helps out at Marisa’s family’s farm with the silage and stuff like that and I’m sure he’d drive one for a living if it paid a bit better.

“At least he lives on a farm do that’s the next best thing. He certainly came up with a fine specimen of a tractor to ride to the ceremony and the ushers cleaned it specially for the occasion.”

Chris rode down on the tractor from Lodge Moor, parking it in the spot outside the Botanical Gardens where the ice cream van normally is.

“The stewards there said he’d certainly arrived in style and it would be too big to clamp. But they opened up the gate and he was able to drive right inside,” Adam said.

That wasn’t the end of the fun - after the ceremony bridesmaid Anna Mosley had to drive the tractor all the way to the reception at her family’s Moorwood Farm in her full wedding regalia.

The happy couple are now enjoying a dream honeymoon in Singapore, Australia and the USA.