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Bryan Unkles in Costa Rica
Bryan Unkles in Costa Rica

Cafeology founder Bryan Unkles is going back to his roots this week – or at least, the roots of his business.

He is flying out to Central America on Sunday to visit the Dota co-operative plantation in Tarrazu: first in the world to gain carbon neutral certification for green and roasted coffee, and sole supplier of Costa Rican beans to the Sheffield-based coffee specialist.

Bryan aims to spend some time in the mountainous region which is home to mystic birds, lush forests and excellent coffee, planted in the small valleys and foothills.

His goal is to build a personal relationship with manager Roberto Mata Naranjo and his team, strengthening links between Sheffield and the Fairtrade plantation more than 5,000 miles away.

“The whole aim is to connect the producer to the consumer,” says Bryan. “They have a commitment from us that we will pay a fair price for their coffee… which gives them sustainability and gives us consistency.

“Our business was built on the principles of ethical sourcing, so it’s vital that we make that link.”

He hopes the new partnership will mirror the existing link between Cafeology and its Colombian supplier, La Clarita Farm in Asoapia.

Bryan will conclude his trip by flying on to El Salvador in search of a similar partnership for Cafe Cereza, Cafeology’s new sister brand, which uses Rainforest Alliance coffees and is working closely with the Coffee Kids welfare organisation.

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