Guest Columnist: Karishma Ravalia

Columnist Karishma Ravalia
Columnist Karishma Ravalia
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For most people having a brother or sister is something they often take for granted. But being an only child I have always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling.

When picturing the person in my head, I think it would be an older sister; someone two or three years older than me.

Having someone to share my clothes with, someone to stay up at night with, someone to share my thoughts and problems with.

I’m so grateful to have my mother and cousins to talk to but it’s never the same as having a proper sister.

I remember just before moving to university, one of my cousins rang me and said if there were any problems she would always be there for me.

It’s great to have someone there looking after you but it is still different having a sister and being able to talk to her.

Having always been a mummy’s girl, she’s the person to go to for advice.

Like most mothers she has made me feel I can go to her for anything, there are some things you don’t tell a mother.

It’s those times when I wish I had an older sister. To be able to tell her those things I don’t want to tell anyone else.

Another thing I would love to have a sister for is for fashion-related things.

It would be great to go shopping together, to take each other’s clothes and make-up and to give each other advice on what to wear.

When you’re going for a night out or shopping, it’s nice to have another opinion and even though you’ve got friends, a sibling, you would hope, would tell it to you straight.

Most people complain about a brother or sister taking their belongings but not having had that makes you always wonder what it would be like.

Even the little general arguments that siblings have, most hate them but I wonder what I’m missing.

Being an only child is great.

There are things about it I wouldn’t change – the attention, being spoilt etc.

Having no brothers or sisters makes you different from everybody else but there is always that part of you that dreams.

It’s the little things you miss and if you’re an only child you’ll know what I’m talking about.