Hale and hearty city

Lucy Annandale at 22a Norfolk Row
Lucy Annandale at 22a Norfolk Row

Lucy Annandale has worked at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre for five-and-a-half years. Recently qualified as a sports therapist, she currently works as physical activity referral consultant and has helped develop an exercise referral scheme to help people improve their health and wellbeing through exercise.

She is also a volunteer sports therapist at Sheffield United Sports Academy, assisting the under-16s team’s physiotherapist.

Lucy lives in Winkobank with her partner Lee and two rescue cats, Bernard, who has one eye, and Tibbles, who is deaf.

Ponds Forge

I joined Fitness Unlimited when I moved to Sheffield in 2002 and started working at Ponds Forge in 2006. I love that Ponds Forge is always a hive of activity – we can transform a sports hall into an extravagant ballroom and we have hosted many national and international events, from the GKR Karate National Competition 2011 to the forthcoming Nautilus 2011 underwater hockey event.

The Exercise Referral Scheme is one of the projects I’m most proud of. It’s a great idea and really rewarding. I have always wanted to help people improve their lifestyle and lead healthier lives and this project has given me the perfect opportunity to do that.

I’ve also been able to study for a British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation qualification in cardiac rehabilitation, which has helped me keep hearts healthy in Sheffield.

Henderson’s Relish

I first tasted it in 2000 in spaghetti bolognese and it has become a staple part of my cooking ever since. Apart from Sheffield, I’ve only ever found it near Stoke on Trent, where I attended university.

Henderson’s Relish improves a lot of meals made from leftovers in my cupboards. It’s a great institution for Sheffield.

Sheffield Steelers

I’d never been a team sports person until I was taken to see the Steelers play the Nottingham Panthers in 2000. By the end of the game I was on my feet cheering – I was hooked and very pleased that the Panthers lost! I have been a regular supporter ever since.

The Steelers signature tune, Sandstorm, is perfect for getting you fired up for a game and I love compere Dave Simms, who keeps the crowd cheering. I got the opportunity to work with them in 2004 while studying for a sports massage course. It was great to get my hands on the play-off winning team!

Crucible/Lyceum Theatres

I worked as a costume assistant at the Lyceum when I first came to Sheffield and it was wonderful to work with Opera North, the Northern Ballet, Toyah Wilcox and Denise Nolan. Sheffield Theatres offer a fantastic array of shows and I try to watch as many musicals as possible.

I studied music and drama at university, so it’s always been a place I wanted to perform myself.

22a Café, Norfolk Row

This small, independently-owned café links the theatres and Fargate and is a regular haunt, particularly when I studied music at Red Tape Studios. The staff are friendly and they always provide a good service.

The cake display always looks so tempting and it takes a lot of willpower to say no. I’ve also discovered they serve the best hot chocolate ever and the food is always delicious.

Sheffield (the whole thing)

I love Sheffield and all my family has also moved here from Lincolnshire in the last 30 years, including my aunt, grandparents and my mum. It’s one of the greenest cities in England and it’s close to where I came on field trips as a child.

I live near the Peak District and, best of all, I can see foxes from my bedroom window.

Local art

There are lots of art displays dotted around Sheffield in vacant shop windows and many are quirky and a little surreal. Recently on The Moor there has been a tribute to Sheffield night life, particularly the music and a comic book style image of the Henderson’s Relish factory accompanied a more historical vision in the old Co-op window near Castle Square.

One of the best pieces I’ve seen is a sculpture made from cutlery in the Millennium Gallery called The Spoon. I think it’s very cool, would look great in my rather wild garden.

Division Street

I love Division Street because the shops are full of alternative clothing. I’ve been shopping there since 2000 and my favourite place to pick up a bargain is Rocky Horror. The items I’ve bought and loved from there include an ankh – an Egyptian symbol of longevity and fertility.

I also bought a studded black leather bracelet from the store and wore it for six years until it fell apart. And finally, a pair of Billabong brown hipster jeans, which I am finally wearing again after losing two stone in weight.