Hallam Towers to disappear from Sheffield skyline for luxury homes as sale goes through

Hallam Towers hotel on Fulwood Road in Sheffield is to be sold and knocked down for a new luxurious development.
Hallam Towers hotel on Fulwood Road in Sheffield is to be sold and knocked down for a new luxurious development.

The skyline of Sheffield is set to change after one of the city’s best known buildings was sold after 11 years of standing empty.

Hallam Towers in Broomhill is to be demolished to make way for ‘luxury’ apartments from £300,000 each and seven serviced building plots where buyers can design their own high-end homes, with costs from £495,000,

The buyer has not yet been revealed but it is a local developer and plans for the future gated development will shortly be submitted to Sheffield Council.

It brings to an end speculation about the future of the site, which opened as Sheffield’s first £1 million hotel in 1965.

Paul Blackburn, director of Blenheim Park Estates in Rotherham which is dealing with the project, said: “The skyline will change in that the plots and the apartments’ height will probably be less than the existing building which peeps out from the trees, these will be stood in landscaped gardens and creating a community.

“I have been standing on site this morning putting the for sale boards up and we had six people just then saying how wonderful it is that the sale has gone through, that the skyline is going to be changed and high quality homes are going to be built.”

The hotelhad restaurants and bars, a ballroom, heated swimming pool and three-and-a-half acres of gardens.

But it closed its doors in 2004 and was put up for sale nine years later, standing empty and derelict since.

It was owned by the Hague family, of Hague Plant on Claywheels Lane, Wadsley Bridge, before the sale to the developer.

The top part of the block off Manchester Road will become the seven plots, which will be serviced, and are said to be unusual for such a location in Sheffield.

“People can buy a plot so they can have the exciting challenge of creating their own Grand Design, or they can come through us or a builder,” added Mr Blackburn.

“The bottom part of the site off Fulwood Road will be a gated community of high quality apartments, probably going to be in three blocks, with beautiful landscaped gardens aimed towards the £300,000 plus market.

“These could be bought by people hoping to downsize from houses – there isn’t anywhere where you can downsize to somewhere of quality, this is somewhere we find a lot in Whirlow and Dore, Ranmoor and Fulwood.

“They will all be high quality and bespoke, this is something Sheffield hasn’t seen before.”