Happy caravanners enjoy meal with Neil

Neil Allen with his Carlight
Neil Allen with his Carlight

CHEF Neil Allen took a day off from his acclaimed Greenhead House restaurant at Chapeltown to take on the culinary challenge of the year.

His task was to cook a 50th anniversary dinner for the Carlight Caravan Owners’ Club – in a Gloucestershire church hall with only one cooker!

“It was certainly a challenge but great fun,” said Neil’s wife Anne, who was on hand to help.

The menu consisted of four courses plus canapés, each named after a different caravan. The meal included terrine, chicken, rhumbaba, cheeses and coffee.

“We actually served 35 people – all alive the next day!” said Anne.

Neil is the proud owner of a 35-year-old Carlight Casetta, which he has lovingly restored over the years. He’s as keen as ever: he has recently bought a 44-year-old Carlight Cosmopolitan to renovate.

“No wonder Sheffield has the highest number of caravan owners in the country, when some people have two,” says Anne, who is now planning to turn their interest to advantage.

“We’re wondering if there might be an opening for the unusual – I’m sure I can get a table for four in our caravan!”