Hardy Sheffield man set for arctic trek in aid of MS charity

Will Roberts is set to take part in an ultra marathon.
Will Roberts is set to take part in an ultra marathon.

A hardy Sheffield man will brave Arctic temperatures in the frozen landscapes of Scandinavia in an attempt to run 150 miles in just five days for charity.

Will Roberts, aged 35, will be donning a pair of snow shoes as he expects to endure temperatures as low as -25 degrees in northern Sweden.

He only started running about 18 months ago and admittedly struggled to cover a distance of a couple of miles at first.

But he has since completed longer runs and is looking forward to the challenge.

He will be using the memory of his dad, who died last year, to spur him on and is also raising money for the MS Society as his mum suffers from the condition.

Will was offered the chance to take part in the Ice Ultra race starting on February 24 by event organisers and employers Beyond the Ultimate.

He said: “They told me they wanted to show that a novice could be trained to run one of these monster events in a year.

“I didn’t realise at first that they meant me. I was overweight and struggling to run 5km at the time.”

Will has since spent 2016 training hard and in the last 12 months has completed his first half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon.

He finished his second ultra marathon on November 19 last year - and the date has extra significance as that was the day his dad died.

Will does most of his training in the Peak District and said memories of spending time in the beautiful national park with his dad as a child has inspired him.

He said: “My dad took me out into those hills a lot when I was younger and he taught me to love the peaks. It’s like he’s training out there with me now.

“And when I’m out in Sweden, trudging through the snow and the ice, I’ll be sure to take him with me so he can see the view there too.”

The race director of Beyond the Ultimate, Sheffield man Kris King, aged 29, is overseeing the training and said he is proud of what Will has managed to do so far.

He said: “Will was out of shape but I’d seen he had a sense of adventure and he’s thrived. He’s worked hard, lost two and a half stone and made amazing progress.”

Will is hoping to raise more than £2000 for the MS Society. Visit www.facebook.com/baldlygo