Heading South by South-West

Jarvis Cocker is in Austin, Texas, this week for the world premiere at the SXSW festival of documentary Pulp, a celebration of the Britpop band and their hometown of Sheffield,

Directed by German-born New Zealander Florian Habicht and backed by the Yorkshire Content Fund, it is the first film ever to be made with the band.

“This film is as much a warm and witty love letter to the band’s home city of Sheffield as it is to Pulp itself,” says a review in the Hollywood Reporter.

Cocker has also been performing at the event, alongside Pulp bass player and songwriter Steve Mackey and he was due to deliver a lecture on Wednesday, using his own lyrics to show his development as a musician, explaining the “meaning of artistic vision” and giving advice to budding stars. .

“This year Pulp straddles the entire South By South-West extravaganza, with feet in both the film and music camps,” he said. “We have been inspired to do this by Mr Habicht’s loving portrait of the city of Sheffield, based around Pulp’s final concert there at the end of 2012.”