Air conditioning woe for hospital patients

Patients and staff endured ‘stifling’ conditions on some of the hottest days of the year when the air conditioning broke down on a Sheffield hospital ward.

It took three days to repair the system for the neurosurgery ward N2 at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Meanwhile, temperatures soared.

Gillian Woodward, aged 57, of Gleadless Townend, who was waiting for surgery, said nurses were unable to open windows as N2 is on one of the Hallamshire’s highest floors. Electric fans were brought in, but there was only one for every six people.

It was “stifling,” said Mrs Woodward. “How can you ask people to come in and have an operation, and expect them not to get bugs and ailments when it is so hot?”

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals said the air conditioning was up and running again. “The staff on the ward ensured the area was kept as cool as possible during the time it took to fix the fault, but we apologise for any discomfort.”