Brave schoolboy Jacob is Sheffield grandmother’s little lifesaver

Brenda Pearson with hero Jacob Marshall who saved her life
Brenda Pearson with hero Jacob Marshall who saved her life

Courageous Jacob Marshall has been hailed a ‘little lifesaver’ after he stepped in to save his neighbour – who was 20 minutes from death as she battled to breathe.

The seven-year-old calmly called 999 when Brenda Pearson, aged 63, turned up at his family home in Hillsborough unable to talk and then collapsed on the doorstep.

His quick thinking, and instructions to the emergency services, meant paramedics were able to arrive on the scene within minutes and race grandmother Brenda to hospital for treatment.“We always say he is a little lifesaver”, said proud mum Joanne Marshall. “He really stepped up to the mark when he needed to.

“I was cooking lunch when Brenda knocked on the door. Jacob answered and Brenda had collapsed on the wall outside, so he raced in to fetch me.

“I took Brenda and Jacob got the phone that she had tried to ring 999 from.

“He knew what to do straight away and told them where we lived, what was happening and relayed the operator’s instructions to me.

“Jacob knows that I work for Yorkshire Ambulance Service but he has never had to call 999 before, he just knew she needed some help.

“The doctors said that if Brenda hadn’t come to our house and Jacob hadn’t called the paramedics straight away she would have been dead in another 20 minutes.

“I wouldn’t have been able to phone them because when I picked Brenda up she was a dead weight, I couldn’t move.”

Staff at Rivelin Primary School gave Jacob – who also looked after his little sister Paige, six, during the ordeal – a hero’s welcome when he went back to lessons this week with a special assembly.

Brenda, who works in mental health, informed the school of Jacob’s heroic actions as a way of saying thank you to the schoolboy.

Doctors had discovered that a chest infection, combined with a polyp on her voicebox, caused Brenda’s breathing problems.

She told The Star: “I would have died without Jacob.

“On the day, I was getting ready for work on the night shift when I got to the top of the stairs and I couldn’t breathe so I wanted some fresh air.

“I picked up my phone to dial 999, tried to breathe but I couldn’t so I banged on next door.”

Brenda added: “The next thing I knew was Jacob saying the address – apart from that I can’t remember anything.

“I know Jacob never turned a hair or faltered, he just took the phone off me and called the ambulance – he was fantastic.

“I went up to the school because I thought at school they can give proper awards and make a fuss of him.

“It was very moving that a young child and an old lady understood each other – and we didn’t speak a word.”