Couple display a baby face to thank maternity unit

Chrysalis Photography: Chris and Allie Langham with Max and Ruby
Chrysalis Photography: Chris and Allie Langham with Max and Ruby

WHEN a husband and wife with a photographic business wanted to thank staff at the Jessop maternity wing in Sheffield for their “amazing” support, there could only be one way…

Which explains the 16 large black and white baby images on the walls of newly decorated maternity wards.

Chosen by ward sisters and nurses, the pictures are the work of Chrysalis Photography, which has been run for the past three years by Chris and Allie Langham.

The couple wanted to show their appreciation for the care and support they received when Allie suffered a miscarriage in 2005 and was admitted to the wing, run by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It contrasted with the treatment Allie had received at another hospital during the difficult birth of their son Max in 2004.

“I had a really tough time with my little boy and became very disillusioned with the hospital,” she said.

“I had an emergency ceasarian section. My husband was given no information – he was kept in the dark. Max was very ill and I was in hospital for seven or eight days after the birth.”

Her faith was restored by the Jessop. “The staff were amazing and I decided that if I had any more children, I would have them there.”

It’s where Ruby, now three, arrived – “and I even enjoyed giving birth!” said Allie, aged 40.

The photographic company is based at the couple’s home in Todwick and it has a studio in Peterborough.

It represents a change in career for both of them – Allie was in the travel industry for 20 years, specialising in bespoke trips to India, and Chris was a doctor of chemistry. And it provided the means to show their gratitude to the Sheffield hospital.

“We weren’t in a position to say ‘thank you’ before but now we have the business it allows us to do that,” said Allie.

lChrysalis Photography is donating £10 of its session fee to the Jessop for every booking that comes from there, using a code of JESS11.