‘Dangerous’ nurse could be struck off

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News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

A ‘DANGEROUS’ nurse who allegedly tried to administer the wrong drug to a patient in a Sheffield hospital faces being struck off.

Mark Julian Carney is accused of a string of blunders at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital between June 2006 and November 2007.

He is accused of attempting to give a drug orally instead of intravenously, failing to sign off drugs that had been administered and using a pot rather than a syringe to measure doses.

He allegedly tried to give the wrong drug to a patient and administered a drug unsupervised – despite having been told three months earlier not to do so alone.

A former colleague, giving evidence on the first day of the Nursing and Midwifery Council conduct and competence committee hearing, said she would not trust Carney to treat her own mother and said he had ‘no’ good qualities as a nurse.

In December 2006, Carney allegedly began a drug round despite noticing a patient’s abdomen drain – designed to clear fluid from the stomach after bowel surgery – was dripping onto the ward floor.

Sister Jacqueline Liddle, his supervisor, said: “He certainly should have known you can’t leave a drain dripping in the middle of the ward.”

Alex Mills, for the council, asked the witness whether she stood by her description of Carney as ‘dangerous’ to which she replied ‘absolutely’.

She said: “The thought of him looking after my mum was scary – and that’s why I thought he was dangerous.”

Panelist Ceri Channon asked whether there was anything good about Carney’s nursing qualities.

After a long pause, Sister Liddle replied: “No.”

Carney is not attending the central London hearing and has not formally denied the charges.

He faces being struck off the nursing register if found guilty.

The hearing continues.