From running clinical trials to running the Race For Life

Race For Life: research team
Race For Life: research team

They know all about the value of cancer research, so it’s little surprise to find this team preparing to join the Sheffield Race for Life next month.

Female researchers and support staff from the Sheffield Cancer Research Centre based at Weston Park Hospital and the University of Sheffield will be in the line-up that starts at Meadowhall for the first time, on Sunday, June 9.

Dressed in pink lab coats, they will be joined by family and friends in a 22 strong squad. Last year they raised £1,344.

The researchers, including two professors, work on new cancer treatments, running clinical trials in Sheffield.

Team member Prof Angie Cox, said: “By entering Race for Life ourselves, it lets us personally show our thanks and appreciation for the money raised which helps support our work.

“Seeing all those amazing women on the day and the fantastic atmosphere of Race for Life gives us even extra inspiration when we go back to the labs. We also have personal reasons to be there, with many of the team are running in celebration of family and friends who have been affected by cancer.”

The new 5k course for the Cancer Research UK event starts and finishes near Meadowhall’s Oasis centre.