Hospital home was crucial when our son had meningitis

The Dyson family are helping the Sick Children's Trust
The Dyson family are helping the Sick Children's Trust

When their 11-month-old son fell seriously ill while visiting his grandparents in Rotherham, Chris and Debbie Dyson found themselves at his bedside at Sheffield Children’s Hospital miles away from home.

Diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis, William was in intensive care for three weeks, and Chris and Debbie, who were living in Leeds at the time, were able to stay close because they were offered a room in the hospital’s Treetop House.

The free accommodation is provided by charity The Sick Children’s Trust, and to show their gratitude, the Dysons are taking part in a family triathlon in Greater Manchester this summer for the trust, which has launched an appeal for a second ‘home from home’, in Northumberland Road.

The ‘Branching Out’ appeal is supported by the Sheffield Telegraph.

It was six years ago when William suddenly had an extremely high temperature and convulsions.

Chris, aged 40, originally from Rotherham and now living in Sale, Greater Manchester, said: “Without The Sick Children’s Trust we would have had to travel the long journey from our home in Leeds at the time to Sheffield every day and because of this would only have been able to manage a daily visit to William.

“After receiving lots of follow up appointments and treatments William is now a fit and healthy seven year old and we would really like to fundraise for the charity.”