Inspirational stroke survivor goes to Palace

Kate Allatt (right) and Alison French
Kate Allatt (right) and Alison French

Kate Allatt won’t forget her 44th birthday next month.

She has been invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party on June 3 in recognition of her founding the charity, Fighting Strokes.

It’s the latest accolade for Kate, who made a remarkable recovery from locked-in syndrome and is now giving people around the world the belief to fight back against strokes.

Winning an Extraordinary Woman of the Year award in 2011, she has developed a career as a writer and a speaker, recently a guest speaker of Cunard’s Queen Victoria on a Mediterranean cruise.

Kate, who lives in Dore with husband Mark and children India, 15, Harvey, 13, and Woody, ten, said: “My 40th birthday was not scaling Kilimanjaro, but lying in a hospital bed in the Northern General.

“If anyone had said to me in four years time, you will have written three books, Running Free being internationally published, developed a stroke support app and established a world respected internet-based advocacy charity and launched an international speaking career, I would have thought ‘no way, you’re having a laugh’. But I have.”

Kate will go to the Palace with best friend Alison French, also of Dore, who has been with her “every step of the way” since she survived a huge brainstem stroke with locked-in syndrome at 39.

She describes the effect as like “being buried alive, where you feel and think normally, but you can move nothing”.

Now Kate visits families and uses social media to encourage others with the message ‘No promises, just possibilities.’ She liaises with researchers and clinicians.