Man’s plea over prostate cancer

A SURVIVOR of prostate cancer from Sheffield joined forces with a national charity to highlight the importance of raising awareness of the disease at a meeting at the House of Commons.

Denton Wilson and representatives from the Prostate Cancer Charity spoke to ministers, MPs and other decision-makers about the potential impact of NHS reforms. The meeting was hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer and coincided with Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week.

Denton, aged 55, of Shoreham Street, said: “Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and more men are living with disease than ever before.

“As someone who has experienced prostate cancer, I know how vital it is that information, support and advice are available. This is even more crucial for African Caribbean men, like me, who are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer than white men.

“My father died of prostate cancer when I was 42 years old. If he had more information about this cancer, he might still be alive today.

“I only went to my GP when I found out my father had this disease. It is crucial that more men are aware of the disease. With the NHS reforms I’m concerned that men won’t get the information they need.”