Medics ready for Ethiopia mission

FIVE medics from Sheffield are preparing to go to Ethiopia next month as part of an initiative to save the lives of new-born babies and their mothers.

During a week in Africa, they will train medical staff and students so that they can help to reduce permanently the high maternal and perinatal death rates in rural communities that are remote from hospitals and other basic medical facilities.

At present, mothers-to-be receive no screening, for example.

The Sheffield party will comprise consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Tom Farrell, consultant gynaecological oncologist Julia Palmer, obstetrics and gynaecology trainees Michael Critchley and Anni Innamaa and midwife trainer Charlotte Kenyon.

The self-financing visit is part of a scheme backed by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust and SHARE, Sheffield Health Action Resource for Ethiopia, and follows a fact-finding trip to Ethiopa in April by Mr Farrell, who is now planning to take a group twice a year.