Remarkable recovery gives Steve his life back

Steven Anwar
Steven Anwar

Steve Anwar likens his recovery from ME to a miracle.

The designer was bedridden for almost five years with the debilitating condition, which left him entirely dependent on his family.

But he says that discovering the power of meditation led him to regain his strength and rebuild his life - and now he’s hoping for success with an exciting new product.

“I’m living the life I dreamed of when I was lying in bed for all those years,” said Steve, aged 35, of Shirecliffe.

Steve fell ill a year after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in industrial design.

He had returned from a spell travelling in America, where he felt fit and healthy.

However, once back in Sheffield began experiencing episodes of extreme fatigue, as well as bad migraines.

“It was quite hard to describe but I was really struggling,” he said.

“I was managing to hold down a job at a signage company, but the illness kept returning, to the point where it was happening all the time.”

Months later Steve could barely walk, and was diagnosed at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital with ME.

The condition - myalgic encephalomyelitis - is also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. Many sufferers experience chronic tiredness and pain.

Steve had to be rehoused to a single-level home. He often had to be bed-bathed, his food needed to be cut up for him and neurological problems left him unable to enjoy simple activities such as listening to music.

But he added: “I was determined to get better. I learned about the power of the connection between the body and mind, and taught myself to meditate. I started to see things as an opportunity rather than a harsh reality.”

He was also introduced to hypnotherapist Jenny Gilmore, who introduced him to the ‘lightning process’, a course involving gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises.

“She visited me every day for three days and there was a massive shift. I was whizzing around the house on my wheelchair. My mum couldn’t believe it. I’m pretty much living a normal life now. My family think it’s a miracle.”

Steve has set up his own design studio, and has put a project into production which he dreamed up while in the throes of ME.

The OM Hook is a wall-mounted metal hook with a useful receptacle for holding keys, coins and other small items. It is going on show at the London Design Festival next month. Email or visit for details.