Sheffield boxing trainer urges vigilance after bad injury

Dominic Ingle has spoken about the responsibility of trainers and managers to limit the possibility of boxers suffering serious injuries.

Ingle went into detail about roles and responsibilities at a press conference promoting Kid Galahad’s IBF Youth title fight at Ponds Forge tomorrow against Brazilian Adeilson Dos Santos. His remarks were in the aftermath of Sheffield fighter Jerome Wilson’s head injury, a week ago today. Wilson is in a coma.

Kid Galahad meets Adeilson Dos Santos

Kid Galahad meets Adeilson Dos Santos

Ingle said: “Boxing is a dangerous sport. They are going to get hit round the head. You have to be prepared for that, in your training, re-hydration, weight loss, the opponent you are fighting, you have got to be well aware.

“If you sign a boxer there are all the spoils and the glory but the downside is things like this can happen.

“There are safety measures put in place to stop it happening. The Board of Control, we have paramedics, doctors at ring side, people in the corner doing their job.

“If you are in a fight and your guy is repeatedly getting hit and he is looking in trouble in the round it is your job as a trainer or a manager or a referee or an official to do something about that and not let it get to the point where that’s going to happen.”

Ingle, in general, added: “You have got to try and eliminate those things, it is your job responsibility as a trainer or a manager and a a fighter to make sure you are making your weight right, that your fighter is doing everything right. If your fighter is cheating or doing things that shouldn’ be done, you need to know about it. A trainer needs to be able to spot the signs.

“It is no good just glossing over it and thinking well I hope this goes away. Boxing is a dangerous sport, it doesnt happen a lot this kind of thing. But when it does it upsets people. Families and kids are involved.

“There is a person in hospital, you don’t want to see that. The intention in boxing is not to put somebody in hospital it is to win the fight. Everybody has got to be vigilant, from officials to trainers even to fighters.”

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