Sheffield GP receptionist’s Facebook rant over moaning patients goes viral

A Sheffield GP receptionist has pleaded to people on Facebook to stop moaning about GP surgeries and waiting times.

Rose Baker, who works at Flowers Health Centre, in Wincobank, took to the social media site earlier this month and asked patients to ‘take a second to think before you slag us all off’.

Rose Baker posted a rant on Facebook after people were moaning about GP surgeries.

Rose Baker posted a rant on Facebook after people were moaning about GP surgeries.

The post has since gone viral and been shared more than 6,000 times.

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In the post, Rose, aged 24, of Mosborough, said: “STOP complaining about your GP surgeries, it’s becoming more and more of a thing I see in a morning on Facebook and as a GP receptionist it’s absolutely infuriating.

“You can’t get through to your doctors when it opens? Yeah that’s because GP surgeries have up to 12,000 patients in some cases, and heaven forbid imagine if every single one of those patient was poorly and wanted to be seen at 8am.

She also said patients often question her as to why she asked what they wanted to see a doctor for.

Rose added: “We’re not being rude, or nosey, because quite frankly I could really do without knowing you’ve got thrush or that you’ve got a cyst in your groin that’s going a bit funny and is starting to smell, but we have to ask because we’re told to by the GP you’re so desperate to see.

“Again, but why? Because contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need to see a doctor if you’re poorly, and if you’ve been knocked off your motorbike and you’re bleeding profusely from every hole in your body, A&E is probably better than sitting in a GP reception.

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“We have to care navigate you, to the chemist, to the walk in centre, the A&E, to the dentist! It’s our job.

“Just take a second to think before you slag us all off and say how much the NHS is failing and going downhill. If you’ve got a bit of a cold and you’re taking up a doctors appointment rather than managing it at home or going to the chemist and buying some paracetamol over the counter for 15p because you want it for free and would rather spend that 15p putting it towards your pack of 20 sterling dual, you’re part of the problem as well.”

Rose said patients needed to learn a bit about ‘self care’ and the different options available to them when they fall ill.

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She added: “On that morning I posted it, I had just seen about four or five stories from other people complaing about the GPs and not being able to get an appointment.

“I just got to the point where I was tired of seeing it everyday so I went on a bit of a rant. I never expected what has happened to happen. I spoke to the GPs about it and they said to leave it up because people needed to know."