SHEFFIELD: ‘I beat illness threat thanks to Weston Park’

Petrina Drury with daughter Ianna, husband Kevin, and their son Kavan.
Petrina Drury with daughter Ianna, husband Kevin, and their son Kavan.

SHEFFIELD teacher Petrina Drury has every reason to support the ‘Do Your Bit’ appeal at Weston Park Hospital.

For months of treatment at the hospital saved her life after she discovered she had cancer almost ten years ago.

Petrina, who teaches English at All Saints Catholic High School, had a busy job and a young family when she was given the devastating diagnosis.

Now 38, she took part in a pioneering clinical trial using a new form of chemotherapy to treat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancerous growth of cells in the lymph system affecting young adults.

The treatment had an 80% chance of success, and it worked. It also meant that Petrina and her husband Kevin, 43, were able to have children, resulting in the arrival of Ianna, now seven, and Kavan, three.

Petrina, of Tinker Lane, Crookes, said: “On September 30, 2012, it will be ten years since I was diagnosed and it will be a very significant anniversary for me – far more significant than my birthday which is three days earlier.

“Ten years is such a milestone in my recovery. It’s something that not everyone is lucky enough to reach, so I feel very appreciative of the care I’ve received.

“Thanks to wonderful treatment and care I’ve received at Weston Park Hospital I came through the cancer and I’ve been fortunate to go on to have children.”

The teacher added: “The best part is being able to have a normal life, just like anyone else. Getting the children ready for school and nursery, working, coming, home, doing bath and bedtime – it’s not exciting but it is normal!”

Petrina will never forget the care she received from dedicated professionals, including Professor Barry Hancock, who has since retired.

“Weston Park Hospital is a very special place. I was fortunate to take part in a clinical trial where I received the very latest treatment.

“I was treated by Professor Hancock and he always answered my questions openly and honestly.

“I also had a named nurse who I spoke to many times one to one, often with such short notice; she always answered my questions.

“It was this level of support and care that made such a difference to me during such a difficult time.”

She added: “Thanks to the wonderful treatment and care I received at Weston Park Hospital, I came through cancer.

“Please do support this appeal if you can to help others.”