Sheffield mum’s breast implant row

Tina Challons worried after her NHS breast Implants were ruptured.
Tina Challons worried after her NHS breast Implants were ruptured.

A grandmother with health problems doctors thought were smoking-related has launched an official complaint – claiming her ailments are actually caused by ruptured breast implants.

Tina Challons, aged 54, from Mosborough, was fitted with silicone implants on the NHS in Sheffield, to replace a previous set which leaked after an injury.

The mum, who has a grown-up daughter and two grandchildren, says she began feeling unwell shortly afterwards, suffering unexplained lumps and pains.

But Tina has only recently undergone an MRI at Weston Park Hospital despite, she says, demanding the test for years.

Dr David Throssell, medical director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said the trust has invited Tina for a discussion about her condition and future treatment.

Tina said: “When I went for the scan, the doctor said they could take out the implants but not put them back again.

“I was so upset. I’ve made a complaint because I do want something put back again. I’ve been very poorly.”

Tina originally had implants fitted in the 1980s for cosmetic reasons, but needed the first set removing in 1997, along with a section of breast tissue. She got new implants seven years ago.

Tina has since been seen at the Northern General Hospital’s chest clinic, receiving treatment for chronic emphysema and asthma.

Tina said: “The doctors say all my chest issues are caused by smoking, but they don’t know what’s happening inside without an MRI.”

Dr Throssell said: “We have received a letter from Miss Challons and we are looking into her concerns. We continue to do all we can to provide her with the most appropriate care to improve her symptoms.”