Sheffield mum so proud after hero son saves her life

Mandy Wigfield  with her Son Mason
Mandy Wigfield with her Son Mason

A teenager was hailed a hero today – after he saved his mum’s life when she collapsed after a massive heart attack.

Mason Crookes, aged 14, leapt into action and performed vital chest compressions when his mum Mandy Wigfield fell to the floor critically ill in the kitchen at their home on Penrith Road, Shirecliffe, Sheffield.

The brave boy restarted his mum’s heartbeat – and kept up CPR for five precious minutes – before ambulance crews arrived to rush her to the Northern General Hospital.

Mandy, 37, is now beginning her recovery at home – and told The Star she feels ‘so proud’ of her lifesaving son.

“I don’t know how to say thank you,” she said.

“I didn’t even know he knew how to do CPR. He was calm and he didn’t panic at all. I genuinely think if he hadn’t have done it, or if I’d been on my own in the house, I would not be here now.”

Meanwhile, Mason said he felt shocked when he witnessed his mum collapse, but added: “I would do it again. I just thought, my mum’s had a heart attack and I’ve got to save her.”

The teenager said he learned his first aid skills on a one-day course at Chaucer School in Parson Cross, where he is a Year 9 pupil.

Mandy said she was in the kitchen at around 3pm when she went into cardiac arrest.

“I’ve got a few health problems but nothing you’d think would lead to a heart attack,” said the mum-of-five, who suffers diabetes, ME, fibromyalgia and asthma and is registered disabled.

“Mason was in the living room and the door was open to the kitchen, so he saw everything. As soon as he saw me fall, he came into the kitchen, felt my pulse and found I didn’t have one. He gave me CPR and phoned the ambulance. He knew how to do everything.

“I ‘died’ twice in the kitchen – Mason brought me back when he did compressions, and the paramedics saved me the second time.”

Mandy was given surgery at the Northern General, where doctors found a potentially fatal blood clot on her heart. Medics gave her blood-thinning medication and fitted a stent – a small mesh tube – in her coronary artery to hold it open.

“They said my heart attack was serious and quite a big one,” she added.

“I was in intensive care and then taken to cardiology. They left me unconscious for 10 days, then I was on the ward for three or four days.”

Mandy is due to start an activity programme in a week to strengthen her heart after the scare last month.

“I’ll be doing exercise to get my heart going and the blood pumping.

“I feel worried of course – you never know what’s around the corner. But I do know Mason saved my life.”