South Yorkshire nurse ‘could not take criticism’, conduct hearing told

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A NURSE accused of using excessive force to control a patient ‘could not take criticism’, a professional conduct hearing was told.

Cheryl Lewis, aged 50, faces charges of leaving two patients with learning disabilities unsupervised while cleaning her car and of failing to allow an aggressive patient time to calm down and then refused to accept his apology.

Lewis has admitted the second incident, which happened in November 2008 and ultimately led to her dismissal from the Elliott Centre, a day care facility in Rotherham.

She denies the other charges and is fighting her case before a panel of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

If convicted of misconduct, she could be struck off the nursing register.

Sandra Grinell, who conducted an internal investigation into Lewis’ behaviour, said the nurse was unable to reflect on her mistakes.

She said: “There was no self-reflection and a complete lack of understanding.

“When anything was discussed with her, it was always somebody else’s problem. We, as professionals, should be able to self-reflect, take on board criticism and move on.”

She told the panel Lewis’ mood ‘dictated’ the way she treated clients and colleagues as it affected her communication skills.

“There was an attitudinal problem that had not been addressed,” she added. “It was all around the same theme.”

Lewis, who qualified in 2003, faces five allegations relating to her practice between March 2007-November 2008.

Describing the car incident in February 2008, Rachna Gokani, for the NMC, said Lewis had been caught wearing gloves and holding bin liners, clearing out the boot, with the stereo turned up loud.

She should have been looking after two regular visitors to the centre, who both suffered learning difficulties and required constant supervision, Ms Gokani said.

Lewis denies failing to respond to a colleague’s request for medication.

The hearing continues.