Specialist tumour treatment for children at Sheffield hospital

Sheffield Children's Hospital, Western Bank
Sheffield Children's Hospital, Western Bank

Children with rare tumours at the base of the brain can get specialist treatment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, thanks to a multi-disciplinary team.

Only about one in a million children suffer pituitary tumours, so in many cases children end up being treated by surgeons who specialise in the adult condition.

However. at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the surgery and endocrine management is carried out by a specialist children’s multi-disciplinary team led by Saurabh Sinha, consultant paediatric neurosurgeon, and Professor Paul Dimitri, consultant paediatric endocrinologist.

Saurabh, who leads the surgical arm of the service, said: “Having a specialist service for children is important.

“The anatomy of children is different to adults. It is not just smaller. Adults have a big air cavity that helps with access – it is still bony in a child. The tumours also behave differently in children.

“By offering a dedicated paediatric service, we are able to offer the best possible care for these children.

“In conjunction with our Ear Nose and Throat colleagues, led by Showkat Mirza, we access these tumours by using a thin rigid camera and other specialist equipment, which was funded by Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. This enables us to use a minimally invasive technique to remove these tumours through the nose and not have to open up the skull to access the pituitary gland.”

Paul Dimitri added: “By offering full specialist package of paediatric neurosurgery and endocrine care at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, we ensure that children with these tumours can be provided with the highest level of care in the same place.”

For more information about the paediatric pituitary tumour surgery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, or the rest of its neuroendocrine service, contact 0114 271 7118. Information is also available at, www.pituitary.org.uk.