strictly the best as michael sees hospital technology

FORMER England cricket star turned dancing star Michael Vaughan visited Sheffield Children’s Hospital this week to see a sophisticated brain surgery system he has helped to finance.

As patron of the Children’s Hospital Charity, he trekked with family and friends along the Great Wall of China last September, raising £215,000.

The money has gone towards the surgical equipment, which makes the hospital one of the most advanced centres for children’s brain tumour removal and complex brain surgery.

At the hospital with wife Nicola on Tuesday, Michael, who has supported the charity for over ten years, was shown the latest in brain surgery technology, which allows surgeons to see a 3D map of the area they are operating on.

Consultant neurosurgeon Hesham Zaki said: “It’s like a GPS system for the brain. We can use it to identify the best, most accurate route to a tumour and we can make smaller incisions because of this.

“We can insert ‘shunts’ which are tubes to drain fluid from the brain with much greater accuracy than we could before.

“For the patients themselves, and their families, it means a faster recovery time and a shorter stay in hospital.”

Taking a break from BBC TV’s Strictly Come Dancing, Michael described the new technology as “absolutely fantastic”.

He said: “The visit has really spurred me on to start planning my next charity challenge, so I can continue to support this very special hospital that we are so lucky to have here in Sheffield.”