Student dies of ‘meningitis’

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MANAGERS at Sheffield Hallam University are working with health officers to control the spread of any infection after the death of a student from suspected meningitis.

They are liaising with the Health Protection Agency after the student was found dead last Friday morning in shared student accommodation.

Clive Macdonald, Hallam’s director of student and learning services, said: “As yet there is no confirmed cause of death but it is suspected to be a case of meningitis.

“We have taken the necessary steps advised by the HPA to identify any individuals who may be considered at risk.

“All those individuals have been contacted and have been advised to arrange to see a doctor who will be able to check their health.”

The identity of the student was not immediately disclosed.

Students and staff across the university are being given advice about meningitis.

An inquest will be opened once investigations into the cause of death are complete.

Outbreaks of meningitis are most common during the winter months with symptoms sometimes being mistaken for those of flu.