Tumour twin baby makes history

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DOCTORS at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the Jessop maternity wing made medical history by saving the life of a twin baby – after she was born with a tumour on her neck the size of an orange.

It was a race against time to secure an airway for Isabel Roberts, as the cancerous growth was so big it crushed her throat.

The tumour weighed a sixth of her 3lb 9oz weight when Maureen Roberts, aged 35, gave birth after twin sister Alexandra had arrived problem-free by Caesarean section.

Doctors had to free Isabel’s head from the uterus, allowing her to continue getting oxygen from the umbilical cord as they fitted a tube down her constricted throat to allow her to breathe.

Dr Ayman Eissa, a consultant anaesthetist, said: “The relief when I secured the tube was unimaginable. It was definitely the most stressful few minutes of my career.”

The tumour was removed 10 days later and Isabel has been given every chance of a full recovery. Maureen, of Hoyland, married to Simon, 29, said: “It’s crazy to think just how much has happened to my baby.”