Healthy relationship with city that never disappoints

Dan Inglis outside St Thomas, Crookes.
Dan Inglis outside St Thomas, Crookes.

Dan Inglis, aged 25, has been working as a youth worker for the past year. He spends his time working as part of the defined youth church at St Thomas Crookes and with local charity love2last whoich promotes healthy relationships among young people. Dan lives in Walkley with his wife Becca whom he married 10 months ago. Dan and Becca moved to Sheffield in September 2011 after studying and meeting at the University of Chester.


Love2last has been running for eight years, during which time we have talked to about 10,000 young people not just about sex, but also relationships. We consider how relationships affect young people in their daily lives and how issues such as sexting, pornography and social media affect the way we interact with people.

ReCycle Sheffield

Recently, I have done a six week bike maintenance course at ReCycle, a not-for-profit project based in Heeley. They’re always looking for old, unwanted bikes to be donated. I learned a lot of skills in how to keep my bike running smoothly and perform a variety of repairs. It was great to go on the course to meet new people who share my love of cycling. The project does some great work with young people by offering to train them with bike maintenance and other vocational skills, some of which can count towards GCSEs.


One of my favourite things is eating good food. As someone who has an intolerance to wheat, it can sometimes be tricky to find somewhere to enjoy a meal. Somewhere that I do enjoy going though is Rajput on the corner of Springvale Road and Commonside.

They do some great food for some great prices as both a takeaway and as a restaurant. I went recently with my team of youth workers from St Tom’s for a Christmas meal and we had a really great time.

My other favourite thing about it is that you can take your own alcoholic drink there to enjoy with your meal!

Froggatt Edge

Me and Becca love the countryside. One of the great things about living in Sheffield is that it really doesn’t take that long to get to some great views. We took her parents to Froggatt Edge a couple of weeks ago when it was really muddy and had a bit of a walk along the ridge. The views were amazing, but also so were the rocks. They were great fun to run around on, jump on and basically pretend to be kids again!


During the week, I do sometimes cycle to work but long for something a bit more challenging than a big concrete hill, and Sheffield doesn’t disappoint. Ringinglow is one of my favourite short distance rides, where I do an 18-mile loop from my house. I love getting off the roads and onto the dirt tracks and bridleways, getting wet and muddy and seeing some fantastic views. In the summer I’ll take the chance to go further into the Peak District.

St Thomas’ Crookes

St Thomas’ was one of the first places I visited before I moved to Sheffield and actually one of the first places I visited as a newborn child 25 years ago. Me and my wife have found there are a lot of people there our age who we can relate to and share life with.

It’s a great place to meet new people and become friends. Recently the church had a brand new frontage built which connects all the buildings on the site together.

The corner of Nairn Street and Elgin Street

One of my favourite things about my job is the cafe - dcaf - we run on a Wednesday afternoon. During the building work at the church, we have been meeting outside on the corner of Nairn Street and Elgin Street.

Basically, we set up a table with some urns of hot chocolate, and talk to young people as they walk home from school. It’s a great way to get to know local young people in the area. We talk about all sorts of things, but most of all aim to have a laugh. It really is one of the highlights of my week.

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