Herd of Sheffield: Five Eco elephants you must see

Forest Spirit
Forest Spirit

Commonly referred to as one of the greenest cities in the UK, Sheffield is not only surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful Peak District – it is also the home to the stunning Botanical and Winter Gardens, lush parks and much more besides.

This love of all things natural and an awareness of our environment can be seen in full force in a group of the Herd of Sheffield elephants that we like to call ‘the eco ele’s’ – sculptures designed to make us sit up and take note of the world around us.



Caroline Greyling – The Elephant in the Hive

With her elephant, North Nottinghamshire based artist Caroline Greyling draws attention to the plight of the honeybee, whose population is in rapid decline due to chemical pesticides and the destruction of their natural habitats. The future of the honeybee is the ‘Elephant in the Room’ but should be at the forefront of all our minds.

Where to see the elephant: PondsForge

Rocket01 – Peace Elephant

Peace Elephant

Peace Elephant

Covered in peace signs and twisting vines, the incorporation of the CND peace sign on this elephant is a nod to Rocket01’s anti-nuclear stance and symbolises his concerns regarding our need to protect the environment. Whilst the design of this elephant uses a relatively subtle and relaxed colour palette, the message behind it is a strong one.

Where to see the elephant: Lady's Bridge

Liz Hall – Bugsy

With her elephant, Bugsy, artist Liz Hall celebrates the smallest, and sometimes hidden, wildlife found around our great, green city. The creatures featured on Bugsy can be found in gardens, woods, hedgerows and parks in and around beautiful Sheffield. By magnifying them for all to see on her sculpture, Liz hopes that Bugsy can inspire others to look more closely at this wonderful miniature world that is all around us.

Where to see the elephant: Weston Park

Faunagraphic – Forest Spirit

With her elephant, Faunagraphic (Sheffield based artist Sarah Yates) celebrates the calm and rich spirit which she associates with elephants. Forest Spirit incorporates a mixture of British and Indian wildlife in order to represent the way our cultures fused when Lizzie the elephant was enlisted to help pull steel carts through the streets of Sheffield during the First World War. Through her contribution to the herd, Faunagraphic pays tribute to the gentle patience of the elephant who gave so much to the city and the environment that she came from.

Where to see the elephant: Victoria Quays

Coralie Turpin Thomson – Birdy

Although its feet are planted firmly on the ground, the inspiration for this elephant, created by Sheffield sculptor Coralie Turpin-Thomson, can be found high up in the sky. With Birdy, Coralie depicts the strength and stamina of migrating swallows and swifts, who can travel up to 10,000 miles across Europe in order to reach their final migratory destination of South Africa – often flying more than 200 miles each day!

Where to see the elephant: Cheney Row


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