Hero cop saved injured South Yorkshire woman

Police Officer,  Paul Brackpool
Police Officer, Paul Brackpool

AN OFF-DUTY police officer who saved the life of a woman at risk of being burned to death in a car fire has been nominated for his bravery.

PC Paul Brackpool, aged 46, was travelling along the A1 near Doncaster when the car in front started to drift across the lanes in front of him before spinning across the carriageway.

It hit a bank before rolling, and ended up back on the motorway and bursting into flames.

PC Brackpool, a dog handler, positioned his car to stop traffic getting past and asked his wife to call the emergency services as he ran towards the burning car and dragged the driver away from the flames.

The driver’s door had been ripped off and the woman behind the wheel was drifting in and out of consciousness as she was slumped half in and half out of the vehicle, held in place only by her seatbelt.

PC Brackpool, whose hair, eyebrows and clothing were all singed in his rescue mission, was joined by another Good Samaritan, and the pair managed to lift the injured driver out of her car, place her in the recovery position, and start first aid.

The driver was placed on a life support machine in hospital but eventually recovered from her ordeal and called PC Brackpool to thank him for his help.

He has now been nominated for a Police Bravery Award which honours the heroics of police officers across the country.

He is set to attend a ceremony in London next week.

Neil Bowles, chairman of South Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “This officer acted with profound bravery despite being off duty and in a very dangerous situation.

“His quick thinking prevented a potential catastrophe.”

PC Brackpool said: “I am very proud and honoured to be nominated but did what I would like to think anyone would have done in that situation.

“There are some police officers doing extraordinarily brave things day in day out so, although I am honoured to be attending the award ceremony, I am not expecting to win.

“It was nice to hear from the driver, Rebecca, when she called me to thank me for me my help.”