Homage finds joy in performance

American cult band Devo were renowned for dressing up in hi-viz onesies with stacked plantpots called energy domes for hats.

They played once in Sheffield – at the City Hall in June 1980.

Sheffield music promoter Chris Wilson says it is the best gig he has ever been to – and his enthusiasm was picked up by Rhiannon Scutt, the singer formerly of much-loved local duo and ‘acoustic footstompers’ Rita Payne.

The 35th anniversary of the Sheffield date was marked by Rhiannon forming the five-piece We Are Not Devo for a show at Sheffield’s Yellow Arch.

And now the band are playing The Greystones on Saturday, September 10.

“We Are Not Devo was born entirely as something fun and frivolous - another way to enjoy the music I love and to enjoy performing in an entirely different way to Rita Payne,” says Rhiannon.

“Here, I get to be irreverent, stomp around the stage as the front (wo)man, and generally act the fool.

“Devo have always laughed at the absurdity of modern culture, and in these turbulent times, I think it’s important to find fun and laughter where you can, and if there’s one thing this project has been so far, it’s full of joy for all involved.”

To her delight, Rhiannon found two Devo fans in guitarist Dan Pencavel and bass player Steve Genn, and two other musicians, drummer Ally Fraser and guitarist/synth player Richard Cook, who were equally up for it.

Rhiannon won lots of fans and friends over five years with Rita Payne (who now have a new band line-up), and she continues to do session work and live performances with other artists.

She is writing her own material and performing one-off solo shows, testing the water.

Tickets, priced £10, are available online at www.wegottickets.com as well as at the The Greystones and Record Collector in Broomhill.