Honouring Sheffield

uan Gilpin at the Lyceum
uan Gilpin at the Lyceum

Ryan Gilpin, a Sheffielder born and bred, is the creative director for the city’s annual Night of Honour, which celebrates unsung local heroes.

Along with a large group of talented young dancers and singers, he performs in the theatrical productions put together for the event, which is being held next Wednesday at the City Hall.

Ryan, aged 20, went from All Saints School to the leadership academy at Hope City Church. He lives in Richmond with his wife, Esther. If you would like to be involved in the City Hall production, call 2725077.


I have been visiting the Music Box in Meadowhall for years. In fact, it is where I bought my piccolo. Yes, piccolo!

Whenever I am in Meadowhall, I never fail to go by the Music Box to browse the recent Broadway scores that have been put on sale, and also to look at what bargains I can get when it comes to musical instruments.

It’s just really nice to have a almost boutique-like music shop in such a vast shopping centre like Meadowhall.


If I could make this building my permanent place of residence, I would. I love the interior of this building – so beautifully ornate, and although it does not posses the largest stage in the world, the charm of this grade two-listed building compensates dramatically for it.

I have seen countless productions at this theatre and most of them were unforgettable. I saw my first production at the Lyceum, Tap Dogs, when I was about six or seven years old.


Freshmans is a vintage clothing store just off Division Street. It’s really cool. I love to go in there to rummage for something really old and cool, like an old tank top or, most often, a scarf. It’s one of those places that when you buy something from there, you can just hear your parents saying ‘I used to wear that’, or more commonly, ‘I can’t believe you are wearing that!’


I simply love this place too much not to mention it. I must go and sit in Caffé Nero, overlooking the Peace Gardens at least once a week. I enjoy just sitting there, for an hour or two, over an extra hot vanilla latte and people watching.

The more time I spend analysing the way people work, and how they act in different situations, the more I can bring to the stage.


Well, what I can I say? I have grown up with this building, and have attended church there every week without fail – and now I work there! I love the energy in the Megacentre.

The vibe and feel of the place is like no other place I know.

It’s one of those places you walk in to, and there is just something different about it, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. That’s why I love working there!


I have performed at the City Hall quite a few times now and each time has been such an enjoyable experience.

Not just because I love to perform, but because the grandeur and magnificence of the theatre somehow spurs you on to perform the best you possibly can, almost as if to match up with the glory and the splendour of the building itself.

The stage is vast and it is a privilege, and a great joy to perform on.

The Night of Honour Awards is being staged at City Hall for the second time, which I’m sure will make it extra special.


The trees that line the road, the studenty vibe along with the vast amount of coffee shops, bistros and restaurants cumulate to make one of the most hip and happening places in Sheffield.

It is one of my favourite roads to take a walk down and do a spot of shopping on my day off.

There are so many novelty shops on Eccy Road and, if you are a bit of a bargain-hunter, countless charity shops.


Often I will park my car the other side of Weston Park, when I want to have a coffee at the students’ union or at Starbucks, just so I can walk through the park. Weston Park is so beautiful and it is a great social place to meet friends, or to play a spot of tennis, etc.


The Crucible Corner is an awesome café in Tudor Square. I love it because it’s run by the Crucible Theatre and anything run by the theatre I am a fan of!

It’s just really classy with black and white photos of old productions at the Lyceum and Crucible and a complimentary copy of the Stage newspaper to read as your drink your latte – it’s just perfect.


This is one of my favourite places in town – and it’s free! The exhibitions are awesome – especially the area that hosts touring exhibitions.

There is never a boring exhibition – each one displays many different mediums of art, including video art, drawings, paintings, sculptures and art you can’t quite categorise.

If you’re passing through town and fancy a bit of culture, head straight to the Millennium Galleries – then stop for a coffee in the Winter Garden as you leave.