Hot food trailer is ‘poor image’

A HOT food trailer at the top of Fargate is not to the taste of Sheffield planners.

They believe the Just Eat vehicle creates “a cluttered impression” and “a poor image” of the city centre, blocking views along the precinct and out of place near grand buildings such as the town hall.

There is no objection in principle to a small number of approved street traders during the day but trailers should be “of a modest size, discreetly located and, preferably, small hand carts…”

Planners are offering to help find other locations for Just Eat, which is looking on Tuesday for a council renewal of its street trading licence in Fargate. Previously the owner has said the trailer was custom-made at a cost of £33,000 and helped to improve the area.

Meanwhile another issue is being raised. The parking services department says £2,000 is owned in unpaid fines run up by the vehicle used to tow the trailer.