Huge differences still remain in many areas

The launch of the State of Sheffield 2017 report
The launch of the State of Sheffield 2017 report

The State of Sheffield report is drawn up annually by the Sheffield City Partnership Board, made up of leaders from the private, public, voluntary and community, faith and academic sectors.

Its aim is to use existing data to identify opportunities where Sheffield is already thriving or making progress and can build on in the coming year.

The report also sets out recommendations to help all sectors hit these targets.

Here are some of its key findings:

n 24 per cent of children live in poverty, up to 42 per cent in certain areas

n The number of children in families who claim benefits or are on low incomes has increased

n Life expectancy has improved, but varies by up to n 25 years depending where you live

n 20 per cent of deaths are considered preventable

n Over-indebtedness is growing

n Journeys by bike and on foot have increased by 96 per cent and 45 per cent

n 500 premature deaths attributed to poor standard of air quality

n Recycling rate 13 per cent lower than national average

n Turnout for elections varies from 15 to 77 per cent

n People feel that they are not listened to and their views are not acted upon

n 3,300 community and voluntary organisations creating £800m of ‘gross value added’

n Low growth rate of new business start-ups, but also low business closures

n Larger than average manufacturing sector

n Health and education remain the dominant employers

n Most people work in jobs with low skills requirements

n Older population comprises nearly a third of population.

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