I’m no hero, says Good Samaritan

Phillip Edwards
Phillip Edwards

A SHEFFIELD company director leapt into action when he saw a thief snatch a pendant from the neck of a woman while on holiday on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Philip Edwards, aged 63, gave chase after the woman was dragged about 20ft and her partner was knocked to the ground.

He struck the mugger a glancing blow and then ran after him before his own partner shouted to stop. Philip then joined others in going back to help.

He said: “It’s not a big deal – you hope that you’d do the best for somebody, but you never know. Please don’t try and make me into a hero, I just wish I’d seen what happened as I could probably have helped more.”

St Lucia police visited the cruise ship he was on to take statements.

Philip, who has dual Canadian citizenship, said: “On the island there are a lot of good people there and it shouldn’t put visitors off going because they rely on tourism. It was quite overwhelming the people that came to help and the anger locals felt that it had happened in the first place.”